2021 Review Rewards Program!

2020-07-23 Hits(465)

Earn rewards by easily reviewing in your articles! Introduce KMD's most recent review rewards program: as long as you reviewed "KMD Bioscience, Tianjin" in your article, please contact us or leave a message to submit, we will offer you a corresponding present. Here's what you may want to know:

1. The article should have been published from January 1st, 2021(works for online articles too)

2. “KMD Bioscience(Tianjin)” or “卡梅德生物” must be noted in articles published in SCI journals.

3. The antigen and CRO services are both belong to awards scope(products like free samples,  small size antibody, internal controls, labels and secondary antibodies are not included)

4. The articles must be published in SCI journals, with no specific requirement for impact factor. If not, it should be depended on the results' significance.

5. Only one award per published article.

6. The final right of interpretation of this event shall be held by the KMD Bioscience Co., Ltd.