Affinity Measurement Services

KMD Bioscience has been working on the interaction between biological molecules research for many years. Measuring the affinity of antibodies or protein for its ligand is of great importance for scientists to study interactions between biomolecules. Scientists from KMD Bioscience have extensive experience determining the kinetics and binding affinity of protein, we can provide high-efficiency affinity measurement services, including affinity ranking, affinity measurement, and kinetics measurement.

With our upgraded Biacore and ForteBio Octet systems, KMD Bioscience can deliver analysis data with high accuracy, reasonable price, and high speed. These systems are mainly based on the optical phenomena technologies-surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and bio-layer interference (BLI), which enable a direct detection and measurement of molecular interactions in a real-time monitoring manner. KMD Bioscience is capable of satisfying customers' various demands with high-quality one-stop technical services.


Bio-Layer Interference (BLI):


The Octet system uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology for the evaluation of biomolecular interactions and is based on the optical interference pattern of white light reflected from a layer of immobilized protein and an internal reference layer. By monitoring interference patterns in real-time, fitting these sensorgram data with a mathematic model allows scientists to calculate the association (KA) and dissociation (Kd) rate constants and ultimately determine the binding affinity (Kd). Scientists can obtain an association/dissociation curve by measuring the shift and plotting its size over time.


Figure 1 BLI principle




We can provide antibody characterization and affinity measurement services of different molecules with BLI technology, to meet various needs in the drug development process.



Service Content:


--Antigen and Antibody Affinity Determination

--Protein Interaction Determination

--Affinity Screening

--Determination of Specificity

--Epitope Characterization


Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in affinity and kinetics measurement

--Different type of complementary technologies

--Extremely high accuracy by professional operation and strict quality control

--High-throughput affinity characterizations by using upgraded Octet systems

--Label-free measurement, no additional lead time

--One-stop downstream services, including gene synthesis, custom cloning, or mutagenesis


How to Order?

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