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Alpaca Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

KMD Bioscience offers custom alpaca polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody production services to the scientific community. Our capabilities enable us to provide complete support for alpaca, rabbit, goat, sheep and fully humanized antibody. All of our customized antibodies are quality-assured.


Polyclonal Antibody Services-Alpaca Polyclonal Antibody Production Services 

Unlike human Igs-consists of two heavy chains and two light chains, llamas, as all members of the camelid family, produce antibodies with an original scaffold only made of heavy chains (IgG2 and IgG3), called heavy Chain Antibody(hcAb), thus promoting binding to structural motifs unreachable before in protein targets, such as viral and enzymatic proteins. The hcAb contains a single variable domain (VHH) and two constant domains (CH2 and CH3). According to the report, cloned and isolated VHHs possess unique properties that enable them to excel conventional therapeutic antibodies and their smaller antigen-binding fragments in cancer targeting and therapy. VHHs express low immunogenicity, are highly robust and easy to manufacture and have the ability to recognize hidden or uncommon epitopes. The advantages of hcAb is significant: maintain stability even in 60°C, high tolerance to extremes in pH and temperature, and well expressed in microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast.


Custom Alpaca Antibody Protocol Packages: 




Antigen Preparation


Molecular Weight>20 kDa




>12 amino acid


Peptide Conjugation


KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink

Immunization and sera collection

Immunization and boosts of 1 alpaca/ camel/Ilama (~120 days), and ELISA screening the polyclonal sera.

Antibody Purification

Protein-A/G purification , Ion exchange resin, antigen affinity chromatography and density gradient centrifugation

Antibody Modification(Optional)

HRP, AP, biotinylation

FITC, FAM conjugation

GST, His tag

Magnetic beads, Quantum dots


Service Highlights: 

*High affinity and specificity

*High ELISA titer: Guaranteed pAb ELISA titer ~107

* Large scale production capability(all size runs available)

*Strict quality assurance: follow cGMP management rules

*Ideal source of therapeutic antibody

*An affordable alternative to monoclonal antibody production.