Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service

KMD Bioscience has extensive experience in developing custom anti-idiotypic antibody (anti-ID Abs). Our team can produce high specificity and affinity anti-idiotypic antibodies to support investigators' research, like preclinical research, clinical trials and biosimilar products.


Custom Antibody Production-Anti-Idiotype Antibody Generation Service:


An antibody possesses several complementarity-determining regions (CDRs). Anti-idiotypes are typically raised against the CDR regions (idiotype) of the drug antibody. Therapeutic antibody drugs (ADC drugs) are usually coupled to drugs using CDR1 or CDR3 domains isolated from the variable regions of antibodies and used as a cancer immunotherapy tool.

Our team offers a complete protocol of Anti-idiotype antibody production to meet our clients' individual requirements by using our own Phage Display Platform. Combined with our proprietary and innovative phage display technology and gene synthesis technology, hybridoma cell lines and peripheral blood lymphocyte samples, we can construct a natural, a semi-synthetic or fully synthetic phage display library for our investigators (independent clones ~1013, effective clones ~109-10) and screen monoclonal antibodies with high antigen specificity and high affinity from these libraries. Moreover, we use PCR technology to clone the fragment of screened high affinity anti-idiotypic antibody to our phagemid expression system. The system we own allows the high expression of anti-idiotypic antibodies in phage, prokaryotic and mammalian expression systems.




--Antibody Drug Immunogenicity Study

--Preclinical studies of therapeutic antibodies

--Clinical development of anti-drug antibodies

--Controls in Ligand Neutralization and Antibody Blocking Assays

--Antibody drug pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) study: Used for high-throughput detection of specific antibody drugs including free, binding and total.


Service Highlights:


--Full traceable support system, GMP/GLP level

--High-throughput antibody screening platform

--High specificity and binding affinity

--Full-service integration


How to Order?


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