Antibody Engineering Platform

KMD Bioscience has extensive experience in antibody development. Our scientists can provide comprehensive antibody downstream engineering services, including antibody purification, anti-idiotypic antibody development, and modified antibody preparation, providing strong support for antibody drug analysis and development.


Antibody Purification Services:


We provide two antibody purification methods: Protein A/G affinity purification, antigen affinity purification. At the same time, we can also customize other types of antibody purification solutions for customers, such as chicken IgY antibody purification.


Anti-Idiotype Antibody Development Service:


Anti-idiotype antibodies are widely used in pre-clinical studies and clinical development for the determination of antibody drug levels, and in medical research for the analysis of immunogenicity of vaccines and antibody drugs.


KMD Bioscience provides anti-idiotype antibody development services to support the development of antibody drugs and provide important tools for pharmacokinetic and immunological studies. We offer one-stop service for the development of monoclonal anti-idiotype antibodies, polyclonal anti-idiotype antibodies and assay kits. Each of our development solutions is tailored to the customer's downstream testing needs and is available in a variety of types, including free, binding and total.


Phosphorylated Antibody Production Services:


Post-translational modifications of proteins are crucial to their biological functions, with phosphorylation modifications of proteins being the most common, involved in almost all cellular activities in the body and closely related to signalling, cell cycle and many other biological issues. In recent years, modified antibodies have become an important topic in life science research.

KMD Bioscience offers different solutions for the preparation of phosphorylated antibodies, including traditional antibody preparation as well as non-traditional recombinant antibody preparation techniques. We guarantee phosphorylated antibodies with a high degree of specificity and sensitivity and <10% cross-reactivity with non-modified peptides.


How to Order?

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