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Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

KMD Bioscience has extensive experiences in antibody production, including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production. We promise to provide high-performance immunoaffinity bovine polyclonal antibody production services and related testing services. Our laboratory has already completed dozens of polyclonal antibody production services for industrial investigators and obtained bovine antibody with neutralizing titers exceeding 1:800,000,000.

Polyclonal Antibody Services-Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

Bovine antibodies are structurally unique. Naturally, about 10% of bovine antibodies contain this novel ultralong CDR3 structure, and the size of these antibodies is recognized as the largest among all the antibodies identified from other species. This long CDR3 stalk is stabilized by both antiparallel B-sheets leading to and from the knob region and by forces from the residues in the other CDR loops. The knob region contains a remarkable complexity of cysteines, suggesting that disulfide-bonded minidomains may arise during repertoire development. According to the report, indeed, crystal structures of two cow antibodies reveal that these CDR H3s form a very unusual architecture composed of a β strand "stalk" that supports a structurally diverse, disulfide-bonded "knob" domain. Diversity arises from somatic hypermutation of an ultralong DH with a severe codon bias toward mutation to cysteine. These unusual antibodies can be elicited to recognize defined antigens through the knob domain. Thus, these characteristics of bovine antibodies give rise to an extended binding domain that is capable of reaching into clefts, canyons and pores in proteins that are unreachable by typical IgG antibodies. 


Advantages of Bovine Polyclonals:

*Production of high ELISA titer(107) and Neutralization titer(108) Abs

*Large scale antibody production

*Low background and cross-reactivity

*Broad applicability: antibody pairing, ELISA kit customization

Based on our phage display technology, we are able to provide bovine monoclonal antibody production service. Meanwhile, please contact our technical support team to receive a personalized customized protocol, from peptide design, protein expression requirements, the safety of viral antigens and related compliance.


Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Production Procedure

Antigen Preparation—Antibody Production—Antibody Purification—Antibody Modification