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Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production Service
KMD Bioscience has built up a mature antibody production platform with our well-established antibody engineering technology. polyclonal antibody can recognize multiple epitopes on the same antigen and has superior affinity and quicker binding capability than monoclonal antibodies. KMD Bioscience has extensive experiences in antibody production, including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production, we can offer comprehensive polyclonal antibody production services. With our advanced antibody production technology, our seasoned scientists are confident in producing antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

Compared to mammalian IgG antibodies, chicken IgY antibodies have higher avidity, more negligible cross-reactivity and higher specificity, and they are more valuable in laboratory experiments and diagnostic assays. KMD Bioscience provides custom chicken polyclonal antibody production services. We can tailor immunogen and immunization protocols to generate chicken polyclonal antibodies, our experts can provide a full protocol including antigen design, sera collection, antibody purification, titer determination and related services to customers.


Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production:


The main component of chicken polyclonals is IgY. Chicken IgY is present in both serum and egg yolk. In addition, IgG and IgY share the same overall structure, general structure of IgY molecule is the same as of IgG with 2 heavy (H_) chains with a molecular mass of 67–70 kDa each and two light (L) chains with the molecular mass of 25 kDa each. This feature prevents many molecules, especially from the host's immune system from binding, which can in some cases make IgY a good choice for in vivo studies. Indeed, IgY do not bind with proteins of the complement system, mammalian rheumatoid factors, Fc-receptors or with proteins A or G. Therefore, the background signal or false response in very sensitive immunological applications such as immunohistochemistry is dramatically reduced.


Service Process:



Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in polyclonal antibody development

--High affinity and specificity

--High productivity and special suitability

--IgY do not bind to cell surface Fc receptor

--Moderate cost: collecting eggs with the synthesized antibodies in egg yolk

--Good alternative for highly conserved mammalian proteins

--One-stop services, including antigen production, antibody development, antibody purification, titer determination and related services


Comparison of Different Species:





·Little antigen required

·Ideal hosts for polyclonal antibody productions

·These hosts only provide small amounts of whole antisera


·Good for most projects

·Produce strong immune reactions against most antigens in a relatively short period of time

·The raw anti-sera can be used directly in assays


·Good for large amount of polyclonal antibody production

·Serum can be used directly in initial assays


·Antibodies compose two identical heavy chains

·Good for antibody humanization

·Have the ability to withstand elevated temperatures and a wide pH range


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