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Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

As one of the best antibody supplier in the market, KMD Bioscience tailors immunogen and immunization protocols to generate chicken polyclonal antibodies in house. Our experts are able to provide a full protocol including antigen design, sera collection, antibody purification, titer determination and related services to all researchers.


Polyclonal Antibody Services-Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

The main component of chicken polyclonals is IgY. Chicken IgY is present in both serum and egg yolk. However, although IgG and IgY share the same overall structure, general structure of IgY molecule is the same as of IgG with 2 heavy (H_) chains with a molecular mass of 67–70 kDa each and two light (L) chains with the molecular mass of 25 kDa each. This feature prevents many molecules, especially from the host's immune system from binding, which can in some cases make IgY a good choice for in vivo studies. Indeed, IgY do not bind with proteins of the complement systemmammalian rheumatoid factorsFc-receptors or with proteins A or G. Therefore, the background signal or false response in very sensitive immunological applications such as immunohistochemistry is dramatically reduced.


Advantages of Chicken IgY:

*Highly conserved of gene products from mammalian animals can cause strong immune response

*IgY do not bind to cell surface Fc receptor

*IgY are suitable for multiple immunolabeling experiments because they do not bind to mammalian antibodies, i.e. rheumatoid factors or to HAMA (human anti-murine antibodies) and they do not bind to cell surface Fc receptor

*Collecting eggs with the synthesized antibodies in egg yolk

*High productivity and special suitability of avian antibodies for certain diagnostic purposes.


Custom Chicken IgY Protocol Packages:




Antigen Preparation


Molecular Weight>20 kDa




>12 amino acid


Peptide Conjugation


KLH, BSA, OVA, Hydralink

Immunization and sera collection

Immunization and boosts of 1 alpaca/ camel/Ilama (~120 days), and ELISA screening the polyclonal sera.

Antibody Purification

Protein-A/G purification , Ion exchange resin, antigen affinity chromatography and density gradient centrifugation

Antibody Modification(Optional)

HRP, AP, biotinylation, FITC, FAM conjugation, GST, His tag, Magnetic beads, Quantum dots