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Donkey Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

KMD Bioscience has experienced immunology experts, standard operating procedures, and standard animal facility, which can provide first-class antibody products and technical services to scientists and researchers. We promise to provide high-performance donkey polyclonal antibody production services and related testing services. Moreover, we can ensure the ELISA titre of the positive antisera & antibody can reach 1:50,000 and ensure the WB results for protein antigens.

Polyclonal Antibody Production Services- Donkey Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

We accept small molecules, peptides, modified peptides, proteins, fusion proteins, modified proteins, etc. used as antigens for donkey polyclonal antibody production service. Meanwhile, we also provide antigen customization services, including DNA synthesis, plasmid construction, protein expression, protein purification, protein modification, peptide synthesis, peptide modification, peptide conjugation, small molecule structure analysis and conjugation with other carrier proteins.


Custom Donkey Polyclonal Antibody Service Protocol:





1. Clients provide the antigens (small molecules, peptides, proteins); Purity>85%,, concentration>0.5mg/mL, ~2mg

2. Immunize one donkey, 5 boosts, ELISA titre determination

3. Negative control: pre-immune serum collection before the first immunization, 1mL

4. Serum harvest and ELISA titre determination

5. Deliver ELISA report, 1mL pre-immune serum and 250-500mL antisera to investigators

12-14 weeks

Consecutive bleed

1. Inject 500ug antigen mixed with 0.5mL Freund's incomplete adjuvant per donkey

2. 100-150mL blood is collected after every two weeks and ELISA titre determination.

3. Ship the product & reports to investigator to test the serum and determine the quality of the antibodies.

2-3 weeks/phase

Total bleed

1. Collect all the blood and the donkey is humanely euthanized.

2. Serum collection, provide the products according to investigator’s requirements

1-2 weeks


1. Purify the donkey sera by DEAE or affinity chromatography

2. Deliver the purified polyclonal antibody to investigators

1 week


Besides, we can provide the following antibody services:

*Antibody Identification: ELISA, WB, IF, IP, IHC, SPR, etc.

*Antibody Modification: Enzyme modification (HRP, AP, biotinylation), fluorescent labeling (FITC, FAM, etc.), fusion label (GST, His), magnetic beads labeling, quantum dot labeling, etc.






1mL pre-immune serum and 250-500mL antisera


DEAE purified antibody: 20-40mg

(10-20mg purified antibody will be delivered if investigator choose antigen affinity purification)


Immunogen sequence, SDS-PAGE result, expression & clone sequencing report, ELISA titre result

According to investigator’s requirements, we can also provide the validation result of WB, IHC, IP, IF