IOS Overexpression Stable Cell Line Services

Integrating exogenous plasmid DNA into the chromosome of host cells, and then expressing the target protein for a long time, is called stable cell line. High-quality stable cell line plays an essential role in biological research, including drug development, gene function research and recombinant antibody production. However, constructing an effective cell line is a complex and time-consuming task. KMD Bioscience has rich experience in stable cell line construction, our cell lines can be directly applied to downstream biological research. We have successfully constructed a large number of target cell lines for many research clients. Based on advanced technology and dedicated research teams, KMD Bioscience can provide the following services:


CRISPR/Cas9 Knock-out Cell Line Services

IOS Overexpression Stable Cell Line Services

IOS RNAi Stable Cell Line Services

Pinpoint Targeted Integration Cell Line Services


IOS Overexpression Stable Cell Line Construction:


KMD Bioscience can provide gene overexpression stable cell line services based on our patented IOS (Integration Operating System) recombination technology. With this technology, the target gene was integrated into the genomic high expression sites. These sites are safe (no gene) and also have higher gene expression level (active expression sites), so that the target gene can be overexpressed and stably inherited for a long time. Moreover, gene integration is not limited in length, and multiple genes can be integrated at the same time to achieve multi-gene co-expression.


The Principle of IOS Technology:


Step 1. Specific oligonucleotide sequences recognize target genes, open double strands and cause conformational changes.

Step 2. The patented RP protein specifically recognizes and binds to target sites, causing DNA damage, thus initiating DNA damage & repair mechanisms.

Step 3. Dimer RP can pull foreign donor genes to the location of DNA damage, which greatly improves the probability of recombination.



Fig 1. IOS gene recombination technology


Service Procedure:



Service Highlights


--Customizable: We customize our offering to meet your specific project needs and provide professional scientific support every step of your project.
--Short time and high integration efficiency.
--Multiple genes can be integrated simultaneously.
--Stable inheritance, the gene will not be lost in the process of passage.

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