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Large-Scale Freeze Drying Services

KMD Bioscience has been striking on recombinant protein expression and antibody development for many years, and we understand the need for purification, to produce clean, reproducible results. With the rapid development of the protein drug market, the demand for large-scale protein production is increasing. The poor stability of recombinant protein restricts its application. And it is commonly a better solution by using the freeze-drying method. We can provide large-scale protein freeze-drying services for customers with our one-stop freeze-drying production line and complete freeze-drying equipment. All freeze-dried samples we manufactured guarantee strict quality control to ensure that the quality assured products will be delivered to our customers.

KMD Bioscience possesses mature protein expression system and advanced protein expression technology. Our team of experts has accumulated rich experience in protein recombinant expression, fermentation and purification. Based on various protein purification and freeze-drying equipment, we can provide comprehensive services from protein expression to large-scale protein fermentation production, protein purification, and freeze-drying.


Service Process:




Liquid and Lyophilized Powder Features:


Liquid Product

Lyophilized Powder

Most liquid products are colorless

Poriferous and lax structure

Contain many active components

Less damage to the substance at low temperature

Liquid product is easy to degrade and difficult to be preserved for a long time

Freeze-dried product can be stored for a long time


Principle of Freeze-Drying Technology:


Freeze-drying is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport. The principle of freeze- drying of freeze dryers is as follows:

Freeze-drying is divided into two processes. These two processes are freezing and drying, respectively. Freezing is to freeze the processed substance containing moisture, we first freeze it into a solid. Then we perform the drying process to convert the moisture in the frozen material from solid to the gaseous state.

Through such a method, we can easily remove the water in the processed substance. In this way, the processed substance can be easily stored, and such preservation will take a long time.


Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in protein expression, development and production

--Industrial production-grade freeze-drying machine

--Large scale production capability

--Strict quality assurance: cGMP management rules

--Complete freeze-drying process under sterile conditions

--A variety of antibody purification techniques are available

--One-stop services, including protein expression, large-scale protein fermentation, protein purification, freeze-drying and related services


How to Order?

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