Mammalian Protein Expression Services


Mammalian protein expression system is ideal for eukaryotic protein expression because it has the most complicated posttranslational modifications closest to the native ones. Post-translational modifications are required for appropriate biological activity, immunogenicityand biodistribution. KMD Bioscience has many years of experience in mammalian protein expression. Our mammalian transient expression system, mainly use CHO cells and HEK293 cells as expression hosts, can provide flexible services which could meet different custom needs, including tag removal, endotoxin removal, SEC-HPLC assay, glycosylation analysis etc.


Mammalian Protein Expression Service Procedure: 





Gene cloning and vector construction

* codon optimization & gene synthesis

* sequencing

1-2 weeks

* Sequencing data    

* Experimental scheme

Transient expression

* Transfect cells (CHO, HEK293) with expression constructs
* Detect expression levels by SDS-PAGE and WB

1-2 weeks

* Expression results
* Experiment report

Stable Cell Lines (Optional)

* Construction and screening of CHO stable expression cell lines

4-6 weeks

* Recombinant protein

Small-scale protein expression

* Culture expansion of cells

1-2 weeks

* Optimized report

* Culture conditions

* 1-5 mg recombinant


Large-scale protein expression and purification

* The recombinant proteins were purified by affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration (1L)≥90% purity

1-2 weeks

* 1~5mg recombinant protein
* Protein purification report
* Tag removal and separation of tag-free protein (if requested)


Service Highlights:


*Codon optimization: including rare codon analysis, protein hydrophilicity analysis and prediction of transmembrane domains.

*High Efficiency: our system relies on the latest technology in order to ensure high-level expression of both intracellular and secreted recombinant proteins.

*A variety of fusion tag vectors and hosts to ensure high soluble protein expression and activity.

*Scale-up: from 500ml to 500L

*Short cycle and high output

*LAL <0.1EU/mg