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Phosphorylated Antibody Production Service

KMD Bioscience has built up a mature antibody production platform with our well-established antibody engineering technology. Phosphorylation events are commonly probed by phosphorylation-specific antibodies. With many years of in-depth research in antibody phosphorylation, we can provide high-quality phosphorylated antibody production services, including synthesis of phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated peptides, conjugation to a carrier protein, immunization, serum production and affinity purification of the antibodies.

With our well-established antibody platform, KMD Bioscience offers comprehensive custom antibody production services. We can provide phosphorylation-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production services based on traditional hybridoma and polyclonal antibody production technologies. Our scientists have extensive experience in antibody production and can produce high-affinity antibodies to meet customers' needs.


Phosphorylated Antibody Production:


Protein phosphorylation is a significant post-translational modification (PTM) in cells. It mainly involves regulating of the protein biological activity, including activation or inhibition of protein activity and ultimately regulating the cell signal transduction pathway. KMD Bioscience can provide phosphorylation-specific antibody production services based on the phage display platform.


Service Procedure:





Antigen design and synthesis

* Clients provide target antigen (polypeptide, protein), purity >90%.

* We design and synthesize phosphorylated or non-phosphorylated antigen peptides. (Optional)

(Antigen production by KMD Bioscience)

* MS and HPLC reports (for both phosphopeptide and non-phosphopeptide).

* 2-5mg phosphopeptide (>90% purity).

* 2-5mg non-phosphopeptide (>90% purity).

Animal immunization

* Protocol 1: Immunization of 5 Balb/c mouse (using a unique mouse immunoadjuvant to produce high titer antiserum rapidly in 20 days). Detection of serum titer by ELISA.

* Protocol 2: Immunization of 2-3 rabbits (using a unique rabbit immunoadjuvant to produce high titer antiserum rapidly in 28 days). Detection of serum titer by ELISA. (Other animals are available)

* 1-2 ml of pre-immune serum.

* ELISA identification report.

Production of antibody phage display libraries

* Collecting B lymphocytes after immunization.

* mRNA extraction & cDNA synthesis & phage vector construction & transformation & amplification.

* Screening of antibody library with phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated antigen.

* Amplification of positive clones & Construction of shuttle plasmids.

* Small-scale and large-scale mammalian system expression (293, CHO). Antibody purification and identification.

* Recombinant expression plasmid.

* 2-5 mg of purified recombinant antibody.

* ELISA results (both for phosphopeptide and nonphosphopeptide).

* Western Blot identification report (Optional).


Service Instance:


KMD Bioscience can provide custom phosphorylation-specific antibody production services according to different requirements from our customers. Every product related in the process is under strict quality control.

Case 1:


Service Highlights:


--Extensive experience in antibody production and phage display platform

--Guaranteed high affinity and specificity

--High ELISA titer: Guaranteed ELISA titer up to -105

--A variety of production modes: 5L, 15L, 80L fermenters for selection

--Strict quality assurance: GMP/GLP grade

--One-stop services, including antibody development, phage library construction, antibody modification and related services


How to Order?

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