Recombinant Antibody Development Services

Recombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies that are generated in vitro using synthetic genes, have the advantages in specificity and low immunogenicity compared to traditional antibodies. They have been widely used in the research and application in diagnosis and treatment therapies for various diseases. KMD Bioscience is a professional provider of antibody product preparation. Our scientific staff have extensive experience in recombinant antibody expression and production, ensuring getting a high-affinity monoclonal antibody that works for your application. With our well-established antibody engineering platform, we can provide comprehensive monoclonal antibody production services range from antigen design, synthesis and modification, animal immunization, phage library construction and screening to antibody modification.



Phage display is commonly used as a technology platform to produce recombinant antibodies. KMD Bioscience has built up a unique recombinant monoclonal antibody production platform; we generate antibody libraries and select high-affinity antigen-specific antibodies based on our professional phage display antibody library technology.  

Meanwhile, KMD Bioscience has established four major protein expression platforms: Bacterial Protein Expression Services, Yeast Protein Expression Services, Insect Cell Protein Expression Services and Mammalian Protein Expression Services. We can use different expression systems and strategies according to customers' needs. With our mature fermentation platform, we can provide large-scale recombinant protein and antibody production services. The capacity of our recombinant antibody production is as high as 5g/L.  


Service Process:





 --Recombinant antibodies have identical DNA and protein sequences, which can be prepared in large quantities without using animals.

--Using protein expression system, such as mammalian system, the production time of recombinant antibodies can be decreased.

--The production process is controlled and consistent, which results in very little batch-to-batch variability of the antibody, giving highly reproducible results.

--Recombinant antibodies can be easily constructed into different formats, such as chimeric antibody, humanized antibody.


Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in recombinant monoclonal antibody development

--High affinity and specificity

--Mature antibody and recombinant protein platform

--Strict quality assurance: cGMP management rules

--Large-scale purification with multiple technologies

--Various volume capacities ranging from 10 to 500 L

--One-stop services, including antigen preparation, antibody development, phage library construction, antibody modification and related services


How to Order?

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