Transfection Grade Plasmid Preparation Services

KMD Bioscience has been working on molecular biology research for many years. Plasmids are small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecules that are physically separated from the chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently. And they are always used for scientists to study genetic engineering. Our researchers have rich experience in plasmid extraction, we can provide comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation services from microgram- to gram-scale, to meet  different customers’ requirements.

With our upgraded DNA preparation platform, KMD Bioscience offers transfection grade plasmid production, which can help experiments achieve highly efficient cell transfection. All plasmids we manufactured guarantee strict quality control, to ensure that the highest quality product will be delivered to our customers. Transfection grade plasmid DNA can be used in research areas such as transfection, protein expression, antibody production, and other research projects.


Service Process:



Quality Control:


 QC Items



Clear, no visible particles



Plasmid Concentration

provide dry powder

Residual RNA

Non-detectable by gel electrophoresis

Genomic DNA

Non-detectable by gel electrophoresis


90% supercoiled

Endotoxin Level


Restriction Analysis(optional add-on)

Conforming to reference pattern




KMD Bioscience offers transfection grade plasmid production:




Transfection Grade

* Transfection in various cells

* Protein and antibody production

* Animal studies

* Gene and cell therapy studies


Delivery Results:


Delivery Content

Plasmid DNA products

Comprehensive QC report: including product appearance, A260/280, restriction enzyme analysis, endotoxin Level, etc


Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in plasmid extraction

--Maximizing transfection efficiency

--Perfect platform to ensure batch to batch consistency

--Quality-assured: Strict quality management, Endotoxin ≤0.01 EU/μg

--Microgram-to-gram-scale quantity, to meet various customers’ needs

--One-stop downstream services, including gene synthesis, custom cloning, or mutagenesis