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Large-Scale Fermentation Services

KMD Bioscience has been working on recombinant protein expression and development for many years. Large quantities of highly pure protein are a prerequisite for functional analysis and structural biology. With the rapid development of protein drug market, the demand for large-scale protein production is increasing. We can offer industry-scale protein fermentation services, to meet high-throughput and large-scale production requirements.

KMD Bioscience possesses a mature protein expression system and advanced protein expression technology. We have a variety of fermentation tanks, bioreactors and protein purification systems, which can provide recombinant proteins from milligram level to gram level. According to customers' specific needs, we can also provide customized expression system and fermentation protocol.


High-density Fermentation:


Our fermentation services include normal fermentation, high-density fermentation, and process optimization. High-density fermentation is an effective method to achieve high yield recombinant protein. With our professional protein development platform, KMD Bioscience can provide customers with high-density fermentation technology services of different volumes. The capacity of our recombinant antibody production is as high as 4.7g/L.


Service Process:




Service Content:


Project Name

Bacterial protein expression system

Yeast protein expression system

Insect cell expression system

Mammalian protein expression system

* Gene optimization

* Vector construction

* Expression & Evaluation

* Condition optimization

* Large-scale protein fermentation

* Large-scale protein purification

* Gene optimization

* Vector construction

*Transformation of expression strains

*Screening of expression strains

* Condition optimization

* Large-scale protein expression and purification

* Gene optimization

* Vector construction

* Culture expansion of virus

* Expression optimization and test

* Large-scale protein expression and purification

* Gene optimization

* Vector construction

* Transient expression

* Stable cell lines

* Expression optimization

* Large-scale protein expression and purification


Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in protein expression, development and production

--High-throughput and large-scale protein expression and production

--Large-scale purification with multiple technologies

--Various volume capacities ranging from 10 to 500 L, to meet different expression needs

--Comprehensive technical services from gene synthesis and expression vector construction to protein purification and characterization