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Polyclonal Antibody Development Services

KMD Bioscience has built up a mature antibody production platform with our well-established antibody engineering technology. A polyclonal antibody collects many immunoglobulins from different B cells that can recognize multiple epitopes on the same antigen. This ability provides superior affinity and quicker binding capability than monoclonal antibodies. With a skilled team of scientists who have worked in antibody production for decades, we can provide comprehensive custom antibody production services covering every step of polyclonal development. We have the capacity of antigen design, animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis, and final antibody purification.  

Based on our mature antibody production system and advanced technology, KMD Bioscience provides one-stop polyclonal antibody production services with multiple host species options, such as mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken and alpaca. All antibodies we manufactured guarantee positive western blot result and high ELISA titer, and ensure the highest quality product will be delivered to our customers.


Service Content:





* Little antigen required

* Ideal hosts for polyclonal antibody productions

* These hosts only provide small amounts of whole antisera


* Good for most projects

* Produce strong immune reactions against most antigens in a relatively short period of time

* The raw anti-sera can be used directly in assays


* Good for large amount of polyclonal antibody production

* Serum can be used directly in initial assays


* High specificity

* Moderate cost

* Good alternative for highly conserved mammalian proteins


* Give strong immune responses against most antigens

* Produce large volumes of serum

* Good choice if large volumes of antisera is required


* Antibodies compose two identical heavy chains

* Good for antibody humanization

* Have the ability to withstand elevated temperatures and a wide pH range


Service Process:



Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in polyclonal antibody development

--High affinity and specificity

--Guaranteed positive western blot result and high ELISA titer

--Large scale production capability

--Strict quality assurance: follow cGMP management rules

--Various species options for polyclonal antibody production

--One-stop services from antigen design, antibody preparation, antibody pairing to antibody purification


How to Order?

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