KMD Bioscience Co., Ltd.

Knowledge Management and Development

As a national high-tech enterprise, KMD Bioscience focuses on providing cell line construction and screening, natural protein extraction and fermentation, customized recombinant protein expression, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, phage display library construction and screening services to scientists and research institutions worldwide. At the same time, based on our company's four mature core technology service platforms, we have successfully developed numerous recombinant proteins, antibodies, antibody drug target proteins, industrial enzymes, diagnostic materials and other related reagents for scientific research.


--- Phage Antibody Display Technology Platform

KMD Bioscience utilizes its own phage display (M13, T7 phage display technology platform) to provide customers with cost-effective recombinant Vhh antibody (Nanobody/Camel Nano Antibody) customization protocols, including animal immunization, library establishment, library screening, and in vitro expression of recombinant antibodies.


---Antibody Engineering Technology Platform

KMD Bioscience's antibody engineering platform includes monoclonal antibody production service platform, polyclonal antibody production service platform, and antibody sequencing and transformation platform.

Monoclonal Antibody Production Platform: Based on the hybridoma technology-based mouse monoclonal antibody technology platform, it can obtain high-affinity and high-specificity monoclonal antibodies in 2-3 months. At the same time, based on phage display technology, we can produce recombinant monoclonal antibodies from different species, including mouse, rabbit, camel, alpaca, and human monoclonal antibodies.

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Platform can provide rabbit polyclonal antibody, sheep polyclonal antibody, camel polyclonal antibody, bovine polyclonal antibody and other multi-species antibody preparation services. According to different antigen types, the senior antibody experts from KMD Bioscience will design the experiments to meet every customer's requirements.

Antibody Sequencing Platform: In order to meet the needs of a large number of clients for antibody gene sequence and amino acid sequence information, we provide full-length amino acid sequence analysis and N-terminal sequencing services of De Novo sequencing service.

Antibody Modification Technology Platform: KMD Bioscience's antibody engineering platform includes chimeric antibody preparation, antibody affinity maturation, and antibody humanization services. At present, we have successfully produced more than a dozen chimeric antibodies and humanized antibodies, which have been successfully delivered to the customers.


---Protein Expression and Purification Service Technology Platform

KMD Bioscience currently has four protein expression platforms that provide customers with comprehensive and superior protein expression technology services. 


Mammalian Expression Platform: KMD Bioscience currently has cell-free CHO, Expi CHO, CHO-DG44, HEK293F, Vero and other cell lines for protein expression production. We use Gibco cell culture medium and related transfection reagents to ensure the high quality and high expression level of each batch of mammalian cell protein expression products.At the same time, KMD Bioscience has an expression vector system that can provide customers with higher purity proteins than the commonly used protein expression vectors on the market.


Insect Cell Expression Platform: At present, the insect-expressing cells commonly used by KMD Bioscience are SF9, and the medium is Gibco in order to provide customers with high quality products. Using this protein expression platform, we have successfully prepared a variety of human transmembrane proteins, including a variety of GPCR family member proteins.


Prokaryotic Expression Platform: E. coli expression system has become very mature after years of development. However, an excellent expression strategy is essential if you want to obtain good soluble and high-yield protein expression in the E. coli expression system. KMD Bioscience's team of experts has massive experience and knowledge in protein expression and antibody production, and a very specific protocol will be provided to every customer.


Yeast Protein Expression Platform: Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other protein expression systems, which are suitable for project requirements that require eukaryotic expression of protein, and it can make sure the yield and quality.


mentation level according to our records.


--- Stable Cell Line Platform and Molecular Biology Platform

Stable Cell Line Construction Platform: KMD Bioscience can customize different types of stable cell line construction and screening services, ranging from multi-species, multi-cell line cell silencing, knockout, overexpression to other stable cells using Crisper/Cas9. At the same time, we could provide stable transfection cell line construction services based on electroporation or lipofection (Lipofectin2000/3000), such as CHO cell protein high expression cell lines.


Molecular Biology Platform of KMD Bioscience undertakes gene cloning, protein quantification, immunoblotting (SDS-PAGE, WB), host nucleic acid detection, antibody affinity purification, ELISA, endotoxin detection, HPLC analysis, Immunohistochemistry, IP, immune turbidity, flow cytometry and other related services.


KMD Bioscience has the experience and capabilities to partner with life science organizations to co-create antibodies and recombinant proteins as key reagents in drug discovery, in vitro diagnostics, and therapeutics companies. Moreover, we strive to continuously improve the customer experience through comprehensive technical support and program design and execution. Our mission and goal is very simple: make research easier and faster!