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KMD Bioscience has been striking on recombinant protein expression and antibody development for many years, and we understand the need for impurities, to produce clean, reproducible results. Recombinant protein is a manipulated form of protein encoded by recombinant DNA, which has been cloned in an expression system to supports the exogenous gene's expression. Protein expression is an essential part of modern industrial, medical and basic research.

Currently, there are four widely used cell based expression systems: mammalian, bacterial (E.coli), yeast and insect cells. With our four protein expression systems, KMD Bioscience can offer comprehensive protein expression and purification services from small-scale to large-scale. We have rich experience in the expression of recombinant proteins (antibodies, enzymes, membrane proteins, cytokines, etc.) in any species. Our experts have produced more than 3,000 recombinant proteins. Meanwhile, we can provide customized solutions to each protein expression project based on our advanced technology and dedicated research teams.


Service Content:


KMD Bioscience has established four major protein expression platforms:


Expression System

System Benefits



*Low cost

*Rapid expression

*Easy scale-up

*Simple culture condition

*Most widely used system for recombinant protein production

*Prokaryotic proteins

*Simple eukaryotic proteins

*Antigen proteins

*Functional research

*Structural study


*Low cost

*Rapid expression

*High yield

*Diverse post-translational modifications

*Vaccine research

*Glycosylation study

*Secreted protein expression


*High capacity genes

*Suitable for toxic proteins

*Post-translational modifications similar to mammalian systems

*For secreted, membrane and intracellular proteins

*Vaccine research

*Glycosylation study

*Activity analysis

*Secreted protein expression


*Lower endotoxin

*Better bioactivity

*Comprehensive post-translational modifications

*Transient & stable expression

*Highest-level protein processing

*For secreted and membrane proteins

*Functional research

*Structural study

*Activity analysis

*Glycosylation study

*Secreted protein expression


Service Process:



Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in recombinant proteins production

--High efficiency and short cycle

--High-throughput and large-scale protein expression and production capacity

--Various scale-up capacities ranging from 10 L, 80L, 130L, 250L to 500 L

--Strict quality control system ensures batch-to-batch consistency and repeatability

--One-step services from gene synthesis, vector construction, protein expression to protein purification


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