Antibody Platform
KMD Bioscience has extensive experiences of antibody development. Our scientists can provide comprehensive antibody downstream engineering services, including antibody purification, antibody pairing (custom ELISA assay development), antibody & antigen binding kinetics studies, antibody sequencing and antibody modification, etc.

KMD Bioscience can provide monoclonal antibody development services based on two methods: 1. Cell fusion technique: including mouse hybridomas, mouse/rat, mouse/guinea pig cell fusion, and fully humanized hybridoma to produce monoclonal antibodies.

2. Phage display library construction technique. We can provide antigen design, peptide synthesis, gene expression, immunization, antibody purification, identification and antibody labeling services with our well-established and powerful Antibody Engineering Platform.


Polyclonal Antibody Development Service

KMD Bioscience can provide polyclonal antibody production for the following species: rabbit, mouse, chicken, sheep, goat, donkey, alpaca and bovine polyclonal antibody.


Antibody Purification Services

We provide two antibody purification methods: Protein A/G affinity purification, antigen affinity purification. Other methods, like IgY antibody purification is also included.


Antibody Pairing (Custom ELISA Assay Development)

Antibody pairing is critical for the development of ELISA kits. Our antibody staffs have extensive experience in developing clinical assays and can provide comprehensive enzyme-linked immunoassay kit development services, including detection sensitivity verification, linear range verification, repeatability verification, specificity verification and thermal stability (37 °C or 25 °C thermal stability) verification. We have successfully developed a small molecule detection kit with a detection sensitivity of 0.1 ppb.


Antibody Sequencing Services

KMD Bioscience uses the most advanced Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer and powerful antibody sequencing data processing software, combined with gene sequencing and bioinformatics database, established a new generation of antibody sequencing platform to achieve fast and accurate analysis of antibody primary structure, thus ensuring the sequencing accuracy of each antibody. We are able to provide full species antibody sequencing services.


Antibody Modification Services

Immunological testing usually involves the modification of antibodies. Our scientists can provide high-quality antibody labeling services, including fluorescent molecular markers (FITC, FAM, etc.), vector coupling (agarose beads, magnetic bead coupling, etc.), enzyme labeling (HRP, AP, etc.).


Antibody & Antigen Binding Kinetics Study 

We are able to provide our clients with BIAcore-based antibody affinity verification services for the development of vaccine assays that can be used to assess the immunogenicity of antigens in animals in vitro. In addition, it can solve the problem of difficulty in selecting different antibodies against the same antigen in the process of vaccine development and the determination of antibody affinity in the rapid detection method.