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Protein Purification Service


KMD Bioscience has been working on recombinant protein expression and antibody development for many years. We can provide customers with customized protein purification services, including tag/tag free recombinant proteins, purification and separation of natural proteins. Our laboratory has more than a dozen GE purification resins that enable simultaneous large-scale, scanning protein purification and separation, which can saving your time and money. 


KMD Bioscience is able to provide natural and recombinant proteins purification services:

Natural Protein Purification Service:


Project Name


Separation and purification of natural macromolecular proteins

Separation and purification proteins using molecular sieves of appropriate pore size, combined with anion and cation adsorption columns and HLPC, identify and collect corresponding elution peaks

Separation and purification of natural small molecular proteins

Multi-layer separation and filtration combined with molecular sieve to remove macromolecular impurities, combined with macroporous resin or reverse resin to purify small molecular proteins, purified by HPLC and MS

Separation and purification of mixed unknown protein samples

Separation and purification were carried out by KMD Bioscience, and identified by mass spectrometry, activity identification, etc.


Recombinant Protein Purification Services


Project Name


Deproteinization, separation and purification of recombinant proteins

Commercially purified resin, such as Ni column, GST-Beads, etc., is purified and purified with 6xHis, GST, SUMO, MBP to obtain a fusion protein with a purity > 90%.

Tag free recombinant protein purification

Antibody affinity purification; also can be selected similar to the natural protein purification method, depending on the project

Inclusion body denaturation and renaturation purification

According to the different properties of the protein, urea, guanidine hydrochloride, detergent, extreme pH, etc. can be selected to ensure maximum denaturation of the monomeric state.